Amelia Hemlock is an 6-year-old girl who is the sister of Artemis. She is kind and cheerful. She is obsessed with perfecting her magic mastery. She and Artemis are orphans.







Amelia is always happy, and has a childish, carefree spirit about her. It takes quite a bit to bring down her mood, and even then, it won't stay down for long. She adds color to the alley she and Artemis live in by drawing with chalk. And she is obsessed with perfecting her magic.


Light Magic

Amelia can create little lights that she likes to make shapes out of. Sort of the opposite of shadow puppets. When in danger, she can launch the balls at her attacker.[1]


Amelia was born to a dying mother, who literally died minutes after Amelia was born. Artemis took her and raised her on the streets, but she didn't have the heart to turn Amelia tough. Amelia was always seen alongside Artemis, except when Artemis went to steal food and water, sometimes a gift for Amelia, like paint. She also wasn't seen with Artemis when Artemis was with Frisk.

Main Story



Artemis Hemlock

Artemis is Amelia's older sister who raised her from birth. Artemis is very overprotective of her, so she rarely leaves Amelia. Amelia painted a small, green heart on Artemis's mask once.


Amelia knows only what Artemis tells her about Frisk.

Magic Mastery Level

  • Light Magic - 1[2]



  • Amelia would become more powerful than what she is now if Artemis died.
  • She is more cunning than she seems.
  • She has no clue how Artemis gets their supplies.
  • Amelia has a knack for sensing beings that WERE dead.
  • Whenever Artemis comes back from hanging with Frisk (Post-Underearth Arc), Amelia senses a presence...


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