An Anti-Void is an expanse in the Undertale Multiverse that is different, yet similar to the Void. There is not just one Anti-Void, but several. An unfinished universe, for example, could be counted as an Anti-Void. Anti-Voids tend to be homes or places of refuge for protectors and destroyers alike. The "owner" of an Anti-Void has the ability to control everything within that Anti-Void. Anti-Voids tend to be purely white, though there are some that are highly colorful.

List of known Anti-Voids and who is in charge of them

  • The Doodle Sphere - Ink!Sans
  • Anti-Void 6 - Error!Sans
  • The Omega Timeline - CORE!Frisk
  • _____tale/BlankTale - Ink!Chara
  • Arenatale - Unknown


  • Some Anti-Voids are commonly mistaken for the Void.