This page is Ink!Sans's canon to the Rhoverse. For the true canon, visit Comyet's Blog on Ink!Sans.

Ink!Sans is a Monster that exists outside of an established universe. They traverse the UTMV protecting universes from Destroyers. Their HQ is an Anti-Void known as the Doodle Sphere. He is a member of the Star Sanses.


Ink!Sans wears a bleached short-sleeved shirt and leather shorts with a black trim. Over his shirt, he wears a black vest with suspenders. He has a blue over-coat/jacket tied around his waist, and a dark-blue sash across his chest that contains vials with diverse colors within them. He also wears a leather scarf that is bleached at the end of it. Under everything, he's got weird ink markings all over his rib-cage. His pupils change shapes and colors almost every time he blinks. Although, they’ve never been seen white.


Ink!Sans is very passionate about all forms of Art. He has a mild case of Leukophobia, Monophobia, and a severe case of Kenophobia. He is highly forgetful, and a rude prankster.