WorldWartale is an AU that takes place after a No-Kill route, however, when the Monsters reach the surface, they are drawn into a conflict that will decide the fate of the entire world.


After the end of the terrifying conflict between the free world and the united forces of the Greater German Reich, the Kingdom of Italy, and Imperial Japan, the world eventually found itself in a new conflict. At this time, an unknown state put mass funding of Communist revolutions world wide, starting the World Revolution, a mass series of revolutions all over the world who's main goal was to install a Communist government, eventually turning into a world united under Communist doctrine. When the Monsters return to the surface, the war is already so severe that permanent cities are extremely rare, and the most common city is mobile.

The main story takes place 10 years after the emergence of the Monsters.

Major Characters

Organized in their respective sets.

  • Modified Panzer VIII "Maus"